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Entrance, early morning, March 2007

See also: facing the view, mid-afternoon, March 2007

Document Archive:

The full text of each of a range of papers by John Heron, including co-authored papers and some key extracts from his books. 

Co-counselling papers

Co-operative inquiry papers including the birth paper Experience and Method from 1971

Holistic education and training papers

Practitioner papers

Spiritual inquiry papers

For a complete list of published papers and books see

Book Archive:

The complete text of eight books by John Heron. This provides an opportunity to explore the entire text of the books in digital PDF format in order to decide which ones you want to purchase in paperback or hardback format.



Spiritual inquiry: a handbook of radical practice

Basic concepts in Sacred Science

Perspectives on spiritual projection


Recent entries

Paper: Humanism: the fourth wave, John Heron, in R. House, D. Kalisch and J. Maidman (eds), The Future of Humanistic Psychology,  Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books, September 2013

Paper: My early engagement with humanistic psychology, John Heron, Self & Society, Journal of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, 40:1, Autumn 2012

Paper: Practical methods in transpersonal psychology, reprint of 1975 monograph, August, 2012

Photo: Presence of place, October 2011

Statistics: Most visited documents on this site from 1 June 2009 to 30 September 2011, October 2011

Diagram: A psychological perspective on participatory spirit, pdf file, June 2011

Diagram: A participatory turn in spiritual praxis, pdf file, May 2011

Image: Space is consciousness at the top of this page, November 2010

Inquiry: Co-creating transformation of co-counselling, January 2009

Paper: Spiritual leadership and relational spirituality, May 2008

Participatory video: One-to-one live dialogues with John Heron about any aspect of his work, from April 2008

New book:  Uncharted Journey: Explorations in Imaginal Space, digital art, August 2007

Oil paintings: Painting 1  Painting 2 , May 2007

Paper: Charismatic inquiry in concert: action research in the realm of the between, John Heron and Gregg Lahood, September 2006

New book: Participatory spirituality: a farewell to authoritarian religion, September 2006

Paper:  Spiritual inquiry: a handbook of radical practice, May 2006: the ninth and definitive draft of Revisionary perspective on human spirituality. Top of most visited.

Image: Two-in-one  August 2005

Papers: Papers on the inquiry group June 2005. Six informative documents on our ongoing inquiry group.

Journal: Entries from an inner journal On the way,  April 2005

Graphic and text: Model of individual decision-making, by members of the ongoing decision-making inquiry, September 2004

Graphic and text: Map of Shekinah practice Details of a peer-to-peer integral practice included within a peer inquiry, August 2004

E-manual:  Cookbook of dyadic inquiry Recipes for transfiguring relationships, Barbara Langton and John Heron, April 2004

E-book:  Experience of the subtle realms   January 2003

Sculptures:  Barbara Langton sculptures Work done through 2002

John Heron:  Sacred Science. Buy online at