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Basic concepts in Sacred Science

Spiritual inquiry: a handbook of radical practice

Perspectives on spiritual projection



Various entries

Image: Facets of the diamond of being, John Heron, an exploratory map of what    there is, January 2016

Paper: Humanism: the fourth wave, John Heron, in R. House, D. Kalisch and J. Maidman (eds), The Future of Humanistic Psychology,  Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books, September 2013

Paper: My early engagement with humanistic psychology, John Heron, Self & Society, Journal of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, 40:1, Autumn 2012

Statistics: Most visited documents on this site from 1 June 2009 to 30 September 2011, October 2011

Diagram: A psychological perspective on participatory spirit, pdf file, June 2011

Diagram: A participatory turn in spiritual praxis, pdf file, May 2011

Image: Space is consciousness at the top of this page, November 2010

Inquiry: Co-creating transformation of co-counselling, January 2009

Paper: Spiritual leadership and relational spirituality, May 2008

New book:  Uncharted Journey: Explorations in Imaginal Space, digital art, August 2007

Oil paintings: Painting 1  Painting 2 May 2007


Paper: Charismatic inquiry in concert: action research in the realm of the between, John Heron and Gregg Lahood, September 2006

New book: Participatory spirituality: a farewell to authoritarian religion, September 2006

Paper:  Spiritual inquiry: a handbook of radical practice, May 2006: the ninth and definitive draft of Revisionary perspective on human spirituality. Top of most visited.

Image: Two-in-one  August 2005

Papers: Papers on the inquiry group June 2005. Six informative documents on our ongoing inquiry group.

Journal: Entries from an inner journal On the way,  April 2005

Graphic and text: Model of individual decision-making, by members of the ongoing decision-making inquiry, September 2004

Graphic and text: Map of Shekinah practice Details of a peer-to-peer integral practice included within a peer inquiry, August 2004

E-manual:  Cookbook of dyadic inquiry Recipes for transfiguring relationships, Barbara Langton and John Heron, April 2004

E-book:  Experience of the subtle realms   January 2003

Sculptures:  Barbara Langton sculptures Work done through 2002